Outsourcing That Works!

Your Outsourcing Partner in the Philippines

About Outsourcing Solutions, Inc.

We are one of the oldest outsourcing companies in the Philippines. We specialize in building custom teams of professionals that are fully dedicated to your business.

We have over two decades of experience working with American, European, and Australian companies. This equates to significant knowledge and expertise that can only come from years of actual hands-on experience building up teams of Filipino employees.

Through this vast experience we have successfully built up many different teams, both large and small, for a wide variety of industries. Below you will find a small subset of some of the types of outsourced teams we have put together.

Why Choose Outsourcing Solutions, Inc.?

Outsourcing Solutions Inc. has been around for over two decades, long before outsourcing was a buzz-word. Our experience and longevity proves that we have developed a platform that our clients can depend on. When you partner with us, you can rest at ease knowing that we will still be around tomorrow. And since we are stable, that also means stability for you and your company.

Since our interest is in long-term stability, we recommend that our clients start out with a small team when moving processes offshore. Because of the small scale during startup, both parties’ risk is significantly limited while at the same time allowing both parties to build a solid foundation upon which to scale the project to a larger size BEFORE committing significant resources.

Outsourcing Solutions Inc.’s premier outsourcing partner in the Philippines is strategically located in Cebu City, the second largest city in the Philippines. Located in the center of the country, Cebu is typically protected from natural disasters, political instability and other issues associated with Manila and other large Asian cities.

Cebu is directly accessible from many large Asian cities and is a pleasant and safe environment for clients to visit and interact with their team whenever required.

In addition, Cebu is also an education hub for the central and southern Philippines, giving us access to an educated and experienced workforce.

Unlike many outsourcing companies catering to the SME market, we actually have Americans onsite at all times to ensure that communication is of the highest quality, not only in the technical sense, but also to make sure that nothing is lost in the cultural gap that exists in the outsourcing world. This is a huge advantage because we understand your business needs and can effectively translate them down to the local environment.

Outsourcing Solutions Inc. has invested in developing an infrastructure that provides our client’s the most uptime possible. We have procured 3 separate Broadband Internet Connections through 3 of the top Telecom providers in the nation giving us the security of a truly redundant connection.

In addition, our office has full power backup in case of power outages. 

Our Management Team

With over 60 years of combined experience in the outsourcing world, it’s hard to find a management team with us much experience as we have. From strategy to operations to IT solutions, you can rely on our vast knowledge and expertise to help your company succeed as you build up your offshore team in the Philippines.

Jeff Hintze

Chief Operating Officer

Having over 20 years of experience in international business, Jeff is highly valued for his business guidance and communications skills. He manages all areas of operations and planning in order to provide pragmatic solutions to meet clients’ needs.

Greater than his professional dedication to efficiency and quality is his personal commitment to forge trust and integrity within OSI and in its client partnerships to achieve long-term mutual prosperity. This makes Jeff more than a service provider but an esteemed colleague by OSI clients.

Winston Pepito

Chief Technology Officer

For over two decades, Winston has acquired experience and expertise that qualifies him as CTO in directing design and deployment of information technology systems in support of the company and its clients’ business operations.

Through his resolute drive towards excellence and exemplary leadership, Winston develops and implements effective information technology initiatives to exceptionally meet both the company’s and the clients’ needs.

Ken Binder

Chief Executive Officer

A business strategist and a visionary entrepreneur, Ken started the business in 1998, before outsourcing became the global paradigm of successful business practices.

Through providing cost-effective, quality business services and solutions, Ken has assisted start-ups and small-to-medium enterprises achieve business goals. As Founder, Ken maintains the quality service ethics that has driven the company to be a stable partner for its clients.