Accounting and Bookkeeping Outsourcing

For Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Accountants and Bookkeepers

Now that accounting software such as Quickbooks, Xero and Freshbooks have provided online tools for managing your company’s accounting, it has become even easier to outsource this part of your business. We can work with you to recruit and hire accountants or bookkeepers in the Philippines with the specific skills you need to support your accounting or bookkeeping needs in areas like the ones mentioned below:

Accountants or Bookkeepers Dedicated to You

Some companies specialize in providing accounting services. This may sound great, but most of these services will utilize employees who are shared across multiple clients. Not with us! When you work with Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. we will recruit and hire an employee who only works with you and your business.

We don’t share any of our employees with other clients. So you can rest easy knowing you have full control over your financial data and accounting or bookkeeping processes.

The person we hire will report to our offices here in the Philippine but function as if they are a part of your accounting team. That way you retain full control over your business.